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Custom a Pearl Ring on the Internet

custom pearl ringIn May 2010, I was shopping for a pearl ring on the internet when the google search listed the results from Pearl Hours. I visited the site and saw it quite well presented and after surfing some pages, I filled a simple customize form about customized a pearl diamond ring for myself.

There was a reply within a couple of hours from Sonja, which was very impressive in its details and honesty. She offered some good suggestions and said what she could and couldn't supply professionally. That rathered impressed me.

I wanted a ring that combined pearl & diamond together, the birthstones of my husband and mine. I loved a round pearl, 11-12mm golden pearl, with diamonds all around the pearl.

Sonja had made it clear from the beginning from the ring's design, pearl's grade, size as well as the diamond carat. Thanks to sonja greatly who kindly told the difference between pearls in different size (price), with several detailed photos for my choices. I kept my choice on a really perfect golden south sea pearl but selected a bigger pearl sized at 12-13mm.

custom pearl ringBut other problem came when we want to set aside the diamond carat, I did not have any idea of the stone size, and have no idea about what's the proper carat for my ring setting. The only thing I could sure was that I need 20 stones to surround that pearl. Sonja tried to explain in details but I could not understand that. Finally, sonja provided photos with a 8mm pearl diamond ring, she explained the pearl size, the diamond weight on that ring, and also showed me the photos of a 0.02cttw & 0.03cttw stones for me. There's no big difference in visual view when I saw them in pics. She rest assured that 0.02 stone was perfectly matched chosen pearl in size of 12-13mm. I agreed.

I noticed in the price quotation that the cost of craft work takes only several dozens of dollars which was much cheaper than my local store! I dealt with a jewelry store in the city center before and they asked me over $60 for just resize a silver ring! I said to sonja about this and she explained that as the required ring was not in rather complicated design so there's no too much fees for this; and what should I paid more was the cost of the pearl, the diamond(0.04cttw) and the 18k yellow gold ring setting.

It took only 3 business days to customizing the ring after I paid Sonja through pay pal! It is absoulutely exciting news that it's ready so promtly! It was expected for at least 7 business days from my husband. Sonja arranged the shippment as soon as she got the ring, and sent me a tracking number together with the tracking website.

custom pearl ringI was in great happy to see the ring in the package! It is beautiful with the perfect round pearl! Amazing and no flaw on the surface on the pearl! I also noticed that the surface of the pearl was so great that it could even reflect things around! Diamond is ok on the setting, not so big or small. Everything is excellent!

I took the ring to a friends gethering on weekend, and they were all surprised that such a quality ring took around $1,200! Sandy, one of my friends said, it's not possible to get a 18k ring with real south sea pearl and so many real diamond at such cost, and she suggested me to take it to some jeweler for check. I felt some uncomfort then, but I stilll followed Sandy’s steps and went into a jewelry store nearby. I stated my intend and one of the jeweler walked out and took the piece for look.

I felt nervous at the moment and a little bit angry; it is hard to tell what's going on then. I just looked at the jeweler and see his actions on the item. Magnifier, and other unnamed instruments I don't ever see before… It took around half an hour that the jeweler gave out the results, it's true, both the pearl, diamond and the 18k gold ring; I was really happy to say "thank you" to that man while Sandy still asked her question “how much should I pay if I want a similar one from here?” This time she got her reply quickly, “around $3000, you know custom pearl ringa perfect golden south sea is rare…”

I was very pleasantly surprised, and I did not hesitate to give out this feedback and review, with a particular recommendation for Sonja (who really did a great job)

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