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What Our Customer Say is continuously striving to provide the best possible experience for customers shopping online and we are very proud of our happy customers! Here you can read the recent testimonials, opinions and reviews straight from the mouths of our customers, about our pearl jewelry, quality as well as our service. You can also see the beautiful pieces they bought at

To protect the privacy of our customers, we've removed their personal information. We love to hear comments and suggestions, and wewould like hear from you, too!

Custom a Pearl Ring Online - An article written by Mrs Dina from USA. In this review Dina will share with you her experience with customizing pearl ring from and her feedback about the ring.

Enjoy the top-quality pearl items and enjoy the splendid service which Pearl Hours provided.


1. Matthew

Hi Sonja,

Just wanted to let you know that we received the ring today and it looks great! Thanks again!

United States
Jun.10th 2016

2. Adrienne

Hi Sonja,

Got it!!! Love it!!! Thank you so much Sonja!!!! And thank you for the kind gift as well.

It was lovely doing business with you, I will certainly keep you in mind for next time.

With regards,

United States
May 10th 2016

3. Beth


My mom loves the earrings very much. thank you.

United States
April 4th 2016

4. T.M.Hen

Dear Sonja,

Just received the double-strand white akoya pearl necklace 7.0mm-7.5mm AAA today. It looks great and thank you for arraning pink/rose overtones for us, Lisa love that very much! Thanks for the little gift.

Best regards,

United Kingdom
Mar.14 2016

5. Sarah & Rick

Hi Sonja,

Rick and I would like to say "Thank You" to you. The pearl ring we ordered from Pearl Hours were to commemorate our 10 years together. So we paid more attention on design & craftwork. We receive the pearl ring yesterday and they are definitely the ticket! The white pearl is round, large, lustrous with nearly perfect surface, and the ring post itself is really of great work making!

Thank you so much for all your help.

Sarah & Rick
United Kingdom
Feb 04th 2016

6. michael m.

I got it today very nice thanks.

michael m.
United States
Jan 16th 2016

7. Hrist.N

(Hrist saw a beautiful pearl necklace design online, he searched around and wanted to customized it to a pearl bracelet. Sonja helped to work the pearl bracelet out within 5 business days.)

hi sonja,

i've been so busy with all the holiday so i couldn't get back to you, but I've received the bracelet and it is very pretty! thank you very much for your patience and help! customized pearl bracelet


8. Mathilde

Dear Sonja,

I just wanted to say Thank you!!! The pearl earrings arrived before Christmas, even i though what they going to look like the set looks more beautiful than i imagined when I got it out of the box! The pearls are so beautiful and the craftwork of the earrings great! Thank you for your help. I will be a repeat then!

Jan 02nd 2016

9. Mark R.

Sonja I just wanted you to know that I got the Pearl necklace and bracelet today and they are beautiful.  Thank you for all your efforts on my behalf. 

Thanks again!

United States
December 23rd 2015

10. Charpidou M.

Hi Sonja,

These are the small hoop pearl earrings i am looking after. The white south sea pearls are big and beautiful pearls of surprisingly good qulality. As to the little diamonds, some little sparkling to add to these earrings. I am 100% satisfied with the pearls. Thank you very much for all your help.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


Charpidou M.
December 19th 2015

11. Alvin L.


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Yes, we have received the triple strand akoya pearl bracelet. Your suggested length at 7 inches is perfect! The pearls are beautiful too. Thank you for all your efforts on the pearl bracelet. I will contact you for more pearls in the future.

take care,

Alvin L.
New Zealand
December 16th 2015

12. Daniela


Thank you for helping me on the Gold cultured akoya pearl stud earring 7mm-7.5mm; i love the golden akoya pearls in natural color, not the ones of deep dyed golden color. Your price is cheaper than the other jewelers.

Thank you for all your help.

December 13rd 2015
New Zealand

13. Carlos p

This is my second purchase with sonja. The first Tahitian pearl stud earrings are great and the second pair is for my little daughter. The pearls are beautiful as well as the 18k gold earring settings.

Carlos p
United Staes
Dec 11th 2015

14. Mohamed E

Sonja, we have received the pearl ring this morning. Thank you for arraning it before leaving for trip. It is nice.

Dec. 06th 2015
United States

15. Brenda M.

Hi Sonja,

The white & black pearl bracelet is beautiful as it on your website; the rice white pearls are cute. and the baroque pearl in the center, even it is longer than that on the picture, it looks better! Thank you for the little pearl gifts!


Brenda M.
Dec.01th 2015
United Kingdom

16. Melissa W

Dear Sonja,

Thank you very much for arranging the white akoya pearl studs 8mm-8.5mm in pink overtone for me! They are really beautiful! I will come back to you soon for more pearls!

Happy holidays!

Melissa W
United States
Nov 29th 2015

8mm white akoya pearl studs

17. Ram V.

Dear Sonja,

Greetings from New York!

Yes, we have received the white akoya pearl necklace 7mm-7.5mm yesterday! Thank you for arraning the white overtone pearls for us! Thanks again for the free pearl necklace, my little daughter said that's cute in button shape.


Ram V.
Nov 24th 2015
United States

18. Matthew

Hi Sonja,

The pearl ring arrived last week and i presented it as surprised gift on her party! She loves the flower-design very much. Thank you for the fast shipment arranged through DHL. They did a great work!


United States
Nov.17th 2015

19. molly m.

Hi Sonja - The pearls are great.

molly m.
United States
Nov.10th 2015


20. Benson D.


The Baroque Pink Freshwater Pearl Necklace, 11-12mm is really beautiful. My wife loves it very much.


Benson D.
United States
Oct 29th 2015

21. John W.

Dear Sonja,

Yes, i have picked up the package yesterday. Thank you for suggesting and upgrading the length size a little bit longer; your suggestion is definitely working and my daughter love this pearl bracelet.

Thanks again.

John W.
United Kingdom
Oct.14th 2015


22. Jean

My mom has received the white akoya pearl earrings with ID no.AEW-FE1354; she loves them. Thanks

Sep. 24th 2015

23. Rock

The pink pearls are so nice, better than the one i saw in local jewelry store; furthermore, this one is cheaper. Thank you for everything.

Sep.11th 2015

24. Linda

This is my second order with The black Tahiti pearl is so beautifu, and it can match the previous ordered earrings i had. Thank you Sonja for your professional color confirmation and selections! I will come back for more pearls soon.

United Kingdom
August 19th 2015

25. Hannah

Hi Sonja,

Thank you for confirm that the white akoya pearl studs earring 8mm-8.5mm AAA are of white Japanese pearls! That really worth the value of money! Thank you for all the help! I will recommend you and Pearl Hours to my friends!

United Kingdom
August 4th 2015

26. Claudia

These pink pearl studs are better than i expected; they are so shiny.

June 17th 2015

27. Allen


We have received the white south sea pearl ring in ring size 7. It is nice looking. Thank you for the special arranged gift.

United States
May 29th 2015

28. Henry

Hi Sonja,

Thank you for arranging the baroque Black Tahitian Pearl Necklace to me in prompt way. The suggested length of 24 inches is so great. My wife is so happy with the pearl and she's finding something to match it. Thanks again for the suprise gift.

April 7th 2015

29. Nevil

(Nevil is a return customer on She's finding some beautiful black pearl gifts for her mum for birthday; Sonja helped to worked out the white and black akoya pearl ring & matching black pearl studs for her. )

Hi Sonja,
I would like to tell you that my mum was very surprised with this present.
So she said:Magnifisent!
Together we made her so happy.
Thank you Dear Sonja.
Please accept my mum's warmest greetings and best wishes

Best regards,

United Kingdom
Feb 24th 2015

30. R Martin


The pearl ring arrived yesterday. It looks beautiful.

Thank you. 

R Martin
United Kingdom
Feb 1 2015

31. Agnes P

Dear Sonja,

Thank you for your kind explanations. I understand now that the stamp 750 means 18k gold in jewelry. I also took the pearl earrings to a jeweler and he confirmed they are ture. I felt happier now since the lavender pearls are round and so beautiful. I wear them every day now.

Thank you for your patience.

Agnes P  
United Kindome
Jan 24th 2015


32. Beverley M,

Dear Sonja,

Sorry I did not response upon receiving the pearls.

We are so happy with the double-strand white cultured freshwater pearl necklace and matching pearl stud earrings. And your recommendation on the length choice is quite helpful. The pearls are so beautiful and thank you very much for your help.

Take care,

Beverley M
United States
Jan 15th 2015


33. Frank C

Dear Sonja,

I am glad to tell you that we received the pearl studs 1 day earlier than your expected; and Tracy abolutely loves her birthday gift. It is the first time she try pearls, but it looks great.  Your are so kind and knowledable, thank you for everything.

Frank C 
Jan 10th 2015

34. Jen H


We have received the golden pearl pendant; it is perfect and we love it. Thanks for the extra pearl gifts.

Jen H

United States
Jan 5th 2015

35. Warren B

Hey Sonja,

I bought these as a surprise gift for my wife for our 4th year anniversary. She absolutely loved them and they matching well with the pearl wedding ring!

Thank you for the great help and prompt shipping.

Happy New Year!

Warren B
United States
Dec 20th 2014

36. Santos

Dear Sonja,

These earrings are a great find! They are so beautiful looking, and matching with my preordered white pearl necklace on cruise. I think the size 8mm-8.5mm is so great, and they look better than common Akoya pearls I have seen before.

Thank for the great job for arranging the shipment to Portugal before Christmas!

Dec 17th 2014

37. Marlic

I bought this piece for my wife who is a huge fan of pearls and diamond. The earrings we received are pretty looking and the diamonds sparkle! The sale person Sonja is very helpful and knowledgeable, and I will buy more from Pearl Hours again in the future.

Dec 7th 2014

38. Allyssa

Dear Sonja,

Thank you for arranging the prompt shipment to NY! I received it before last weekend and presneted it to my bf as birthday gift! It's the first time that he tried to wear a pearl jewelry, but it looked so cool! He loved it!

Thank you for assisting me for finding the proper pearl gift for a man!

Merry Christmas too!

United States
Dec 4th 2014

39. Naiata

Hello Sonja,

Just let you know that I have got the white pearl ring. It is very beautiful and good value. The size of the pearl is prefect for my finger on right hand. It is the best Christmas 2014 Gift! 

Nov 27th 2014

40. Katie

Dear Sonja,

Thank you for arrange the shipment so fast! I purchased this ring as my wedding ring. It is very pretty and definitely will be noticed on the wedding day! I really love the large pearl ring but it looks not gaudy. I have other pearl pieces and this is the most loved one to add to my collection. It is very much worth the wait and I use it everyday! Thank you for the great tips on pearl ring care.

United States
Dec 1 2014

41. Jeffrey W


Thank you for the prompt shipment arranged through DHL. These pearls are special gift for my daughter and she really loved them.

Jeffrey W
United Kingdom
Nov 21 2014

42. Virginia K

Dear Sonja,

Sunday greetings from Virginia!

I just received the pearl earrings package! They are so beautiful with rose overtones! And thank you very much for recommend the akoya pearls sized at 8mm-8.5mm! I really like them and will purchase more pearls from pearl hours again in the future!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Virginia K
United States
Nov 14th 2014

43. Diane

Dear Sonja,

My pearls arrived, thank you. I love them!

Thanks too for keeping me updated all the time.

Kind regards

Diane G.
United Kingdom
Nov 7th 2014


44. Donna

Hi Sonja,

I already received the necklace. I like it.


Oct 31 2014

45. Nevil I

Hi Sonja,
I received my purchase and I am writing to let you know how very pleased I am whith it-the pearls are marvelous,thanks,thans a lot.
You can't imagine how happy I was(and still I am...)when I opeed the package.Great!!!
Thank you for your welcome assistance
Your willingness helping me was invaluable.
I am glad that I met such a person as you.
Thanks for your gift too.
They all are beautiful like your dedication and inner beauty.
I wish you luch,professional success and fulfilment of all your dreams
Thank you,Sonja.Take care.
Have a nice day
My best regards to Lily.

Kins Regards
United Kingdom
Oct 29th 2014

46. Imma K

Hi Sonja, thank you so much for the earrings I got tgem yesterday and they are beautiful. Not onlya that, your professionalism and ettentiveness are the most important. Thank you so much for your assistance.


Dubai, UAE
Sep 16th 2014

47. Juni S

Hi Sonja

Thank you for everything!!

I absolutely love the pearl necklace I got, it is even better than I expected. Also I want to thank you for the "surprised" earrings. Very thoughtful of you!
When I'm ready to expand my pearls collection I will definitely contact you again.

Have a wonderful day

Best Regards,
Juni S
United States
June 24th 2014

48. Craig

(Craig ordered a pearl necklace as graduating gift for daughter and happy with the fatest shipment we have arranged through DHL express service.)

Hi Sonja!

Yes, very happy with necklace and my daughter hasn't taken it off, it was just what she wanted!

Thanks so much for working so hard for us!!!!!!!!


United States
May 29th 2014

49. Chris

Hello Sonja,

I confirm I received the ring =). My wife hadn't seen it yet because I'm giving it later in our anniversary, but I think she is going to be more than happy with it because it is beautiful and looks even better than it does in the pictures you have in your page.

This is my second purchase with you and as usual everything was perfect: a very good price, high quality, delivery on time, and the best is the way you treat me by paying attention to every single request and detail.

Thanks a million Sonja for all your help during this purchase process; you are a very important part in this successful business.

I'll go back to you every time I need to get pearl jewelry or in case I visit China to ask you for recommendations.

Have a great year!!!

May 22 2014

50. Nga L

Dear Sonja,

I just received my pearl earrings today. Thank you so much for the super fast shipping. They are gifts for my Mom. And she really likes them

Thanks again for your quick asistance.

Have a great day!!!!!!

Nga L
United States
Mar 12th 2014

51. Pam H

Hi Sonja,

I received the pearls. Theyare beautiful.

Pam H
United States
Mar 7th 2013

52. Jeffry

The pearl bracelet is perfect!
Thank you for your assistance.
Jeff Porter
United States
Feb 14th 2014

53. Milica

Dear Sonja,

Hope you are well and having a wonderful holiday with lots of fun!

I just wanted to let you know that i received the products on Thursday.
The jewellery are beautiful, i am very happy with them and what an excellent service you provided!

Thank you for all your help and collaboration! I will be in touch soon for another order!

Best regards,

United Kingdom
Feb 4th 2014

54. Mr. Nigel

Hi Sonja,

We did received the pearl ring before Christmas; thank you for the prompt delivery. My wife is happy with the pearl, much better then her expectation.

Thank you again.

Mr. Nigel
United Kingdom
Jan 10th 2013

55. Russell V.

Hi Sonja,

I am fine, thank you. The pearl necklace 8.5-9mm white akoya pearl necklace has been received as you promised before 14th Dec; They are more beautiful than in the photography! The luster is gorgeous and 18" is length is perfect!

Pearl is my birthstone and I will keep buying more pearls from you!

Merry Christmas!

United States
Dec 14th 2013

56. Laszlo U.

Hi Sonja,

The pearl studs 8.5-9mm are great! Nice and big, and all my friends notice them!

Thank you for the little gift arranged. I will buy more pearls from Pearl Hours in the future!

Keep in touch!

Laszlo U.
Dec 9th 2013

57. Anna

Dear Sonja,

Thank you for your email. How are you these days?

Yes, we did receive the pearl pendant necklace on 4th as a gift for my daughter. She loves it and think it so unique for young ladies. Thank you very much for arranging the prompt shipment.

Merry Christmas too!

United Kingdom
Dec 7th 2013

58. Barbara W

Hi Sonja Lu,

Hope you had a very good weekend.  My Holiday weekend was very busy.  The bracelet was delivered on Nov 29 in very good condition.  My daughter

said the pearls are beautiful and the clasp is exquisite. I knew she would really like the pearl bracelet.  If I need pearls in the future I would use again. Also would recommend to family and friends.
We were very happy doing business with

Sonja Lu thanks so much for all your patience, time and help.

With best regards,

Barbara W
Dec 2nd 2013
United States

59. Christian G

Hello Sonja,

I'm very happy cause I have received the ring and this is just the way I had though. It's perfect for my wife.

I just want to say thanks a million, thanks for your patience, your a great pearl consultant.

If I buy another pearl, I'll buy it with u.

Have a great time!!!

Christian G
Nov 27th 2013

60. Josh


The white akoya pearl studs 8-8.5mm are gorgeous. Tina said they are classi jewelry item and she will keep for a lifetime.

Thank you for the little bracelet gift.


United States
Nov 24th 2012

61. Linda N.

Dear Sonja,
I received my pearls on Monday as you said.They are really beautiful and I am so pleased.Thank you for the small bracelet,I gave it to my daughter and she loves it.

Thank you so much for everthing,they are really beautiful.
Linda N
United Kingdom
Nov.13th 2013

62. Larry

A big warm hello to you Sonja. Received the pearls as you had indicated yesterday 10-10-13.They are what I had hoped for very lovely but I expect not as lovely as you are. Thank you for all your help and concern for this order. I wish you a long healthy and happy life.

USA Larry xo
Oct 13th 2013

63. Sanjay

Dear Sonja,
I recieved the shipment yesterday afternoon, it is really nice set of earrings.
I Thank you for your prompt actions and personally taking care of my concerns.
Hoping to see you again in near future.

Oct 9th 2013

64. Beth

Hi sonja, below is my feedback - I bought this bangle as a birthday gift for my mother at the end of this August. She loved it very much. And it goes well with other pearl earrings or necklaces, or even other white gold or silver jewelry. 

Thank you.

United States
Sep 14th 2013 

65. Leigh

Thank you! I received the pearl earrings today. Perfect!

United States
10th June 2013

66. Vivian

Hi Sonja,

I have received the beautiful pearl set of pendant (ID: TPB-FP1412) on last Friday. Thank you for arranging the charming pearl in prompt way.


May 14th 2013

67. Ash

Hi Sonja

Sorry about the late reply!
It has arrived safely and yet again - it looks amazing! Brilliant job! I cant thank you enough for this!
I am aiming to "re-propose" to her when our child arrives!! I know - a bit soppy and romantic!
And again - thank you so much! You definitely have two friends for life in UK and hopefully we will bump into each other again sometime!

United Kingdom
May 13th 2013

68. Susan

The pearls have arrived and they are lovely.  I wasn't sure about the backs, but they are quite comfortable.  They do keep the earrings in place and the long stem is very nice.  The box is beautiful.

Many thanks.

Mar 28th 2013

69. Alice

Dear Sonja,

Thank you for your greetings. I am so happy with my pearl engagement ring - white south sea pearl diamond ring ID: SRW-FR1258; the design is unique mounted with beautiful diamond, the pearl itself is large and lustrous!

All of my friends love my ring and tell me how special it is. And my fiance shows it off to anyone who will look :)

Thank you very much for sending us the gorgeous pearl ring and keep us updated on the package. Will come back to you if I need some pearls for wedding.

B. Regards,

Mar 17th

70. Jordan

Dear Sonja,

Yes, we have successfully signed the package from FedEx. They do a great job and it takes only 4 days from your side to USA. And the pearl earrings, my girlfriend was stunned when she opened the package! She loved the design which is so delicate looking; she also happy with the gold + diamond + pearl combination.

Thank you for all your help! Will come back to you when I am looking for more pearl gifts.

B. Regards,

Mar 4th 2013

71. Andy

lavender pearl set(Story behind: Andy has purchased a set including necklace & earring for Linda in 2011 and he would like to buy a matching bracelet & pendant for the exsiting set. While things getting in trouble, and Sonja tried the best to work out. And finally they received the whole set on Feb.)

Have received the pearls back and Linda is very pleased with the pearls and the matching colours thank you for making her day and hope you have a good new year holiday

United Kingdom
Feb 2nd 2013

72. Ausuko

Hello Sonja!

Thank you.  I received the package.    I am happy with it and I am sure I will enjoy it.

thank you,

United States
Jan 12, 2013

73. Kennis

(Custom Pearl Ring Story Behind: Kennis want a delicate rose gold pearl ring with small white akoya pearls. She had a clear mind on the required ring and even sent us a link for the ring design confirmation.
She has special requirements on the pearl, Highest quality, 3-5mm in size and with pink overtones. We arranged the ring in 14k Rose gold ring for her within 3 business days. )
Hi Sonja,
Yes, I received the ring. It's exactly how I envisioned it. Thank you for making it a great experience. The only thing is that are a couple tiny tiny scratches on the band. They are not obvious at all, so it's fine as is. Just want to let you know for the future. Again, thanks for smooth transaction. You are great to work with. I love that you are always so clear and proactive in your communication. You are such a joy to do business with.
United States
Jan 12 2013

74. Damian


I received it thank you.  I am very happy with it.

United States
Jan 12th 2013

75. Alexandra

Dear Sonja,

Thank you so much for the pearls. I am feeling like a princess. The pearls are very beautiful.
I am very happy with this purchase and I intend to buy again from you. There are still so many nice items on your site :)
Sincerely yours,

Jan 11th 2013

76. Anson

Dear Sonja,

The package arrived on 7th and I presented on my girlfriend's birthday on 9th, she loves it very much.

The pearl ring is pretty and unique and thank you for arranging it at 14k Rose Rose setting without extra costs. I know she will enjoy the ring many many years as timeless piece of jewelry.

Thank you again for your great service.


United kingdom
Jan 10th 2013

77. Josh L.

Hello Sonja,

Yes, we did received the pearls, we are very happy with them.

Thank you so much!

Josh L.
United States
Jan 4th 2-13

78. Lol Q.


thank you i did get them yesterday they are lovely

Lol Q
United Kingdom
Jan 4th 2013

79. David A.


Package arrived safely on 3 Jan and I am very pleased with the quality.

These are one of the 'for life' presents for my daughter, along with a good watch and a fountain pen and I am sure she will be delighted with this last addition.


David A.
United Kingdom
Jan 4th 2012

80. Annelie

Dear Sonja,

New Year greetings from Annelie! Yes, we did received the pearls and below are our feedbacks,

We ordered the white akoya pearl stud earring 7.5-8mm as part of a set including a 17-inch necklace made of similar akoya pearls. The set was prepared as birthday gift for our daughter. She loves it and wears it everyday to work and in the evening.

They are of great quality pearls and accurately reflect the quality (AAA), with great luster, nice surface; furthermore, the color of the pearls perfectly suits her complexion!

Thank you for your kind help again! We will come back to you for more pearls.

Happy New Year again!

United Kingdom
Jan 4th 2012

81. Martin

Dear Sonja 

- the pearls arrived today. All good and thank you. Best. Martin
Jan 2nd 2013

82. Michael

(Michael ordered the pearl necklace earlier before the Christmas, but due the planned holiday, they wanted the pearls delivered to their address before 14th. And FedEx do a great job here, they received the package on 12th while keep the package unopened till holiday. About the certificate of pearls, we have send the E-version certificate to him.)

Dear Sonja,

My wife loves the pearls, they really shines wonderful.  However I couldn't find the certificate in the packing!

Kind regards

Dec 27th 2012

83. Anna Maria

Dear Sonja,

I can't not wait to check the pearl earrings until Christmas Morning.  I love the pearl earrings very much. This is the first pearl gift from my husband, which is elegant looking.

Thank you for all your help.

Merry Christmas

Dec 24th 2012

84. Ara

(Little Story Behind this order - Ara is a returned customer, who bought a cream white akoya pearl necklace 7-7.5mm on Delighted with the necklace, she would like to reward herself a matching cream pearl bracelet in the new year!)

Dear Sonja,

Just wanted to let you know that I already received the package, thank you very much for a speedy shipping and for the gift!
I really appreciate it!


United States
Dec 23th 2012

85. Andrius

Dear Sonja,

Yes I received package.
Seems everything is ok.
Thank you!
Dec 21, 2012

86. Ronald

(When first making the order, Ronald selected a tahitian hook earring mounted with cz stones and A black akoya pearl pendant; Sonja asked the gift details and recommend him to replaced the black akoya pearl with tahitian pearl, to make the two pieces a set.)

Hi Sonja,

Yes I have received them. thank you very much for all your help.

I think my wife will love them. Best Regards,

United States
Dec 20th 2012

87. Joanna

Hello Sonia Lu,
Thank you for your email.  Yes, I have received the package.  I am delighted with the ring which is very beautiful - more so than in your pictures.  It is a lovely Christmas present from my husband  Thank you for such excellent communication regarding its delivery.  You provide a very good service. I will certainly recommend you to my friends if they are looking for pearl jewellery.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you,

Jo Brown
United Kingdom
Dec 19th, 2012


88. Cecile

Hi Sonja,

This morning my 8mm pearl earrings has arrived.
Everything is in order and I must say it looks very nice.
It has very good lustre.

Thank you for all your help.


United Kingdom
Dec 18th 2012

89. Kathy

Dear Sonja,

Thank you for your kindness.

The leverback earrings are the exactly thing I was looking for! The pearls are of high quality and more...They are beautiful and elegant hang at the right length.

Thanks for arranging the valua product for me.

Merry Christmas too!

Dec 17th 2012
United States

90. Douglas

Dear Sonja

I recieved ring today,absolutely delighted with it.Hope too do business again with you in future. Tahitian Necklace hopefully when you have sale on.

yours Douglas
United Kingdom
Dec 14th 2012

91. Elaine

Hi Sonja,

Yes many thanks, I love the white pearl pendant and it is a very good match with both my earings and pearl necklace. I will definately use your store again and now I understand your method re shipping. Thanks again and many happy returns to you and your family Kind regards
Dec 13th 2012

92. Jackson

I have received them and I am very happy with them. Thank you

Dec 12 2012

93. Janine

Thank you, it arrived yesterday and I am pleased.

Merry Christmas

Dec 8th 2012

94. Simon

Dear Sonja,

Thank you for the prompt delivery!

I received the Tahitian black pearl earring in time for holiday. The pearls are so perfect, once again words can not describe to.

Many greetings from Ireland!

Best regards,
Dec, 04th 2012

95. Chris

Hello Sonja,

Sorry for for not having written to you earlier.

I gave the pink pearls to her on our 14th anniversary, and her comment over and over was “they are perfect!” The pearl necklace, earrings and bracelet looked great on her. She literarlly couldn’t stop looking she in the mirror. She said the pearls made her classy and sophisticated.

Thank you for arranging the beautiful pearls for us.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year, too!

Dec 04, 2012

96. Nicole

Hi Sonja,

I gave this to my wife for Thanksgiving to match the black pearl pendant she already had. She put it on immediately and is still wearing it. It is a quality piece with simple elegance.

Thank you for your professional advice and service.

Take care

United Kingdom
Nov 26th 2012

97. Jan


Loved the pearls and they were gorgeours. was wonderful to order from & the pearls were exactly what I wanted.

thank you!

Nov 24th 2012


98. Damon

Hi Sonja,

I have just receive it.

The ring is gorgeous and will be a birthday gift for her during weekend.

Thank you for your excellent service and kind help.


Nov 21 2012

99. Patrick

Dear Sonja,

Yes, I received the pearl earrings on 14th and giving to her last night. They are absolutely beautiful!

As to the pearl size, that's not a matter. They are not too big on her' ears, and she said there were perfect!

Thank you for the kind suggestions.  I would recommend others who looking for nice and high quality pearl earrings!

United States
17th, Nov 2012

100. Drizz

Hello, Sonja

Thank you and hope everything goes well.

I surprised my wife with this necklace on her birthday and it took her breath away! She said it is just beautiful and classy. She have tried several types of wrapping for different clothes and got lots of compliments on it.

Thank you again for your professional service.


United States
Nov.04 2012

101. Ivy

Hello Sonja,

I got the necklace last weekend and it came out beautiful and just like I wanted!

I always wanted to wear a special pearl necklace on my wedding day and this pearl is amaingly beautiful! I had tried with my wedding dress and can't wait to use this piece on my wedding day in Nov.!

And thank you very much for the nice earring gift! 

Will come back to you for more pearls


United States
Nov.17th, 2012

102. Stephan

Hi, Sonja

The gold akoya pearl necklace (Gold Akoya Pearl Necklace, 6.5-7mm AA+, ANG-FN1044) I purchased from you is exactly as it was described and is beautiful. The color is of light golden and that's amazing! Thank you again for your help.

I couldn't hesitate to purchase from your company again.

take care,

Oct 4th, 2012



103. Gill

Large & pretty pearls!

Thank you Sonja!

United Kingdom
Sep.14th, 2012

104. Gloria

Dear Sonja Lu

Thank you so much for all your help in getting my pear earring. Thay are just gorgeous.

Thank you,

Sep 2nd, 2012

105. Michael

Dear, Sonja.

I got the earrings on Monday. They are large and beautiful. Thanks for all your help and promt e-mail replies.

I will definitly be back to place more orders.

United States
May 23 2012

106. Alex


I did receive the pearls and they are beautiful. They made an absolutely wonderful gift to my wife. Thank you so much for the fast service and timely responses to my questions.

United States
May 22nd 2012

107. Trudy

(Trudy received her pearl pendant quickly and Sonja has arranged the certificate to her when seeing this feedback.)

hello sonja, I recived my pearl pendant it is fantastic only one thing ididnt recive a appraisall certificate could you forward this please


Trudy i will be back to shop with pearl hours 

May 14th 2012

108. Wendy

The pearls have arrived and are beautiful thank you, my grand daughter will be 21 on the 27th so arrived just in time.

Once again many thanks.

Regards Wendy.
United Kingdom
April 24th 2012

109. Gloria

Dear Sonja Lu,

I got my earring in today and there so beautiful, I'm so happy with them.  Thank you so much you were so helpful to me.

Thank you,
United States
April 24th, 2012

110. Gatine


The pendant is pretty and my gf loves it very much! It looks just like the photo! I am happy to select the 10-11mm in size and the luster is great! The package arrived on 23rd, just the date as you promised. Thank you very much for the great service and products. I will buy more pearls from you.

24 Feb, 2012

111. Merry

Dear Sonja,

Thank you very much for great service and promt shipment. I received the white akoya pearl necklace 7.5-8mm AAA quality before my mother's birthday, they are lovely and I am hesitate to present it on her party today!

Thank you again!

Feb18th, 2012


112. Tatiana

I’d like to say THANX to Sonja personally for support and patience (with preparing different docs for the customer in Ukraine), ‘cause she made so much for I could get my earrings!


They came with a present from Sonja and it was like a NewYear gift so unexpectedly and pleasant!


I adore them! So sparkling and beautiful!






113. Joan

hi sonja, my necklace arrived today, thank you, it is very nice, and I am happy

United Kingdom
Feb.5th, 2012

114. Cynthia

Hello Sonja!

The wait is over! The pearls just arrived this morning, and they are truly beautiful. I had actually lowered my expectations, so I would not be too disappointed. So when I opened the box and saw two beautifully matched very large black pearls, I was twice as pleased!!

Thank you, also for the pretty little bracelet. I love my cultured pearls, but I really enjoy mixing and matching all the new colored freshwater pearls. I already know I will wear this often.

I appreciate you keeping open communication with me. It is a true sign of service excellence when the seller is as worried about the product getting to its destination as the buyer.

United States
Feb 4, 2012

115. Lyn

Dear Sonja Lu,

Hope you had a wonderful spring festival in the past week.

I received my beatiful white freshwater pearl necklace and matching leverback earrings on 24th, and extremely pleased with my experience with PearlHours. Thank you for your quick response and fast shipment, so I can wear it on my anniversary two days ago.

Thank for for your great customer service and beatiful products.

27th, Jan 2012

116. Gordon

Hi Sonja,

Thank you so much for preparing the pearl pendant as anniversary gift! It's perfect and much better than i expected! My wife is happy with it and received so many compliments with the perfect and lustrous pearl! I am 120% satisfied with the pendant and your great service.

I will definitely recommend "Pearl Hours" to family and friends!

United Kingdom
Jan 14th, 2012

117. Amanda

Hi Sonja,

My order arrived this morning, it is just what i expected. Thank you for the nice earring gifts.

United Kingdom
Jan 09 2012

118. Abigail

Dear Sonja, 

I received the necklace for my mother's 60th birthday yesterday. I just wanted to thank you for your impeccable customer service and beautiful products, I'm sure she will absolutely love it!
Thank you for keeping me up to date on the order's delivery progress so thoroughly.
Kindest regards,
Jan 9, 2012

119. Johnny

The earring has unique design and my girlfriend happy with it. The diamond and the pearls are nice and in good quality.

Thank you!

Jan 08, 2012

120. Jessica

The pearl earrings are large and gorgeous! I feel so classy when wear them! I always get compliments and I just love the look and feel!

Jan 09, 2012

121. Fanie

My husband bought me this pendant for my birthday. It is very beatiful and the gift is nice.

Thank you!

Jan 09, 2012

122. Sarah

The pearl ring and customer service are both great! My girl is happy with it.

Thank you

United Kingdom
Jan 04, 2012

123. Moor

My husband bought this ring for me as the 10th anniversary gift! Its beautiful, very nice design, perfect pearl and sparkling diamonds!

It looks much better on me than that on pics!

I definitely love it!

Thank you & Happy New Year!

United States
Dec 31, 2012

124. Erin


Just a quick note to let you know that i have received th pearl ring. It is lovely, my mom like it.


29th, Dec 2012

125. Mirella


The pearls are gorgeous; they are brilliant with perfect surface.

Best wishes,

United States
26th, Dec 2011

126. Cullen


I have received the necklace. It gorgeous.

Thank you!

United States
Dec 24th, 2011

127. Aradon

Dear Sonja,

I got my package on Monday. Thank you for your swift delivert.

The pearls are better than I imaged before, large with great luster. I am so happy that I bough two pairs! They will be great gift for my loved ladies. One is for my girlfriend, another one for my mom.

Thank you again for your help. I will recommend Pearl Hours to other friends for pearl gifts.

Best wishes for Christmas & New Year!

United Kingdom
22nd, Dec 2012

128. Reca


Just got the pearls today.

The pearl earrings are so pretty, so i can't wait to wear them! And thank you for your kind and promt customer service, Sonja!

Best regards,

United Kingdom
21st, Dec 2011

129. Patricia

Hi, Sonja

I received the gold pearl ring yesterday. It is very pretty.

My wife is very happy with the perfect golden south sea pearl 9-10mm AAA quality. The ring setting itself also amazing in 18k white gold.

Thank you!

21st, Dec 2011

130. Helen

Dear Sonja

The pearls arrived last week in perfect condition. They are lovely. We are not giving them to our daughter for a few weeks yet, but I'm certain she will love them.

Many thanks.

Kind regards

New Zealand
21st, Dec 2011

131. Andrew

Sonja Lu,

Just received the pears today and they look amazing. I'm sure they will look great on her. Thank you for the wonderful product.

Happy Holidays,

19th, Dec 2011

132. May


I received my pearl necklace and it is really gorgeous!

All the people in our office say it's beatiful.

Thank you!

15th, Dec

133. Dobie

Dear Sonja,

Just received the tahitian pendant and free sterling silver chain. The whole set is lovely!

The pendant goes well with the last tahitian studs I ordered from you; thank you for your efforts! I will recommend Pearl Hours to family and friends!

Happy Holidays!

14th Dec, 2011

134. Thomas

Simple ring setting with amazing tahitian pearl! My wife loves it so much!

United Kingdom
09th, Dec 2011

135. Andr

Hello Sonja,

I have received the package and they are really beautiful!

My wide is so delight with the black tahitian pearl and consider a matching earring in the coming months.

Thank you for your kind service and we will come back to Pearl Hours in future for more pearls!

Best Wishes for holiday.

04.Dec 2011

136. Ryan

pearl engagement ring(Ryan was looking a pearl engagement ring for his parntern; He got professional help from Sonja at and tailor-made the pearl ring at this Oct. It is a beatiful white pearl ring with two blue gemstones. See his review on the product )

The ring arrived today and it is very beautiful! You did a wonderful job taking my idea and making it a reality.

I think she is going to love it. THANKS!

BTW, the bracelet that was included, can you tell me anything about it?

Oct.19 2011

137. Robert

Hi Sonja,

The pearls have arrived and they are beautiful!! Thank you also for the braclet. I do not think I will purchase any earrings at this time. Maybe for the New Year.

Thank you,

Sep.26th, 2011

138. Kendal

Hey Sonja!!
Yes i did get my ring today!! And it is STUNNING!!! I just love it, it was worth the wait for sure :)
Thanks again, i am so so happy!! We will buy from you again for sure!
Kendal :)
Sep 2nd, 2011

139. Kay

Pearl Engagement Ring DesignedHello Sonja,

I want to thank you for all your hard work months ago to help me design a pearl engagement ring! My partner proposed last week with it and it truly is stunning!
It was even better than I had hoped for, and after such a long time, a massive surprise!! 
I have already told him that I intend to get my wedding jewellery from you, and both your work and service have been proven superb!
Again, thank you so so much for your time in helping me pick the right pearl and diamonds, we both adore the ring...

Thank you, and I'll be talking to you again in the future!! 
United Kingdom
Aug 16th 2011

140. Ani

graduated size pearl necklace(Ani needs a special pearl necklace for her grandmother's birthday, with each pearl on it stands for every member of the family, and thus this graduated size pearl necklace came, with the biggest pearl 11-12mm in the center! See her review on Pearl Hours)

Dear Sonja!

Thank you very much for the pearl necklace, its beautiful! She loves it and it was a perfect surprise. Let me know if you need me to post a review for you, you were amazing to work with.

July 7th, 2011

141. Allan

Hi Sonia!

Yes,  the pearls are great!

Jul 4th  2011

142. Lauren

customized pearl necklace(Lauren is looking something cute as brithday gift for her mum within his budget; Sonja worked out the detailed gift for him)
Hi Sonja,

We gave the necklace to our mom yesterday, and she loved it! Thank you so much for working to get it perfect and then getting it to us so quickly. Also, thank you for the bracelet - that was such a nice surprise! I hope we'll be able to work with you again in the future.

Thank you,
Jul  2th 2011

143. Owen

Hi Sonja,

Yes we received the necklace. The pearl quality is about what we expected however the colour is not black. The colour is more dark green. It is a nice looking piece of jewellery but we are just a bit surprised at the colour.


Jun 15th 2011

144. Kamlet


Yes, she've got it and she is happy about the pearls.

Thank you,

United Kingdom
Jun 15th, 2011

145. Janet

customized pearl necklace(The right picture is the pearl necklace Janet customized for her wedding day; it is made base on the APW-FP1420 without the silver balls; below are her reviews on the item:)

Dear Sonja 
Received my order the other day.

Have been busy.

Pleased with the pearl setting that i ordered glad that i decided not to have the silver balls.
United Kingdom
June 4, 2011

146. Tracy

Tahitian pearl ring(Tracy was founding a Tahitian Pearl Ring in US size 10, and finally got one at She provide a picture and we custom a pearl ring based on her demands. Below are her experience with us:)

Hi Sonja
Hope your keeping well today. I just wanted to get back to you and tell you that I received my ring. It's absolutely lovely, I'm very very happy with it. It's just perfect. In fact I might send you a picture of another ring and get you to price it for me.

Thank you so much on your help with this and you have been great.

All the best.
May 2, 2011

147. Dorothy

Dear Sonja

Just to let you know that my earrings arrived safe and sound yesterday afternoon (Tuesday 24th) as promised - in good time for the 27th!! I am very pleased indeed with them and this note is by way of thanks for your prompt and very efficient help - I will certainly recommend Pearl Hours to others. Regards

United Kingdom
May 25

148. Kate

Hi Sonja,

I did receive the earrings on Friday - they're great! Thank you so much.

May 22th

149. Ash

customized pearl ring(Ash is a guy from UK, who is looking something unique as engagment ring for his sweet heart. With the help of professional Sonja, he decided to made a pearl ring with sparkling diamonds half-around. See what's his feedback on PearlHours:)

Hi Sonja

Terribly sorry I couldn't get back to ya sooner. And YES!! - its here and its wonderful!!

Once again, I can't thank you enough for all your help, kindness and professionalism over the past few days. You have defo got yourself a friend in the UK.

Again, thanks a million!!!!

United Kingdom
May 16 2011

150. Fiona

Hi Sonja
I did receive the pearls, they arrived at my house on Tuesday. Today my sister and I gave them to my mother as her 60th Birthday present and she absolutely loves them. They actually made her cry with joy.
I truly thank you for your professionalism and for staying in touch, my sister and I have decided that one day we will buy pearls for us from you.
Thanks again Sonja and have a wonderful weekend and don't hesitate to say hello every now and then.
Kindest regards
May 13 2011

151. Judy

Sonja, I am finally in possession of the pearl necklace, it is very beautiful, better than the picture. Thank you very much Judy

152. Crystal

Hi Sonja

I have received the package this morning. They look just exactly how they showed on the website. I'm amazed. Can't wait to give to my mother and mother in-law this Sunday.

Thanks again for all your help.

May 2nd, 2011

153. Barbara

Thanking you for your correspondence and excellent service. I was extremely happy with the product and service and will definitely use your service again,

April 22, 2011

154. Raj

I am so sorry, I am very busy here. Everything was excellent and my wife very pleased. I have only the highest praise for your service and am very pleased to have done business with you. Thank you. With Regards,
April 20, 2011

155. Ann

Hi Sonja,

I did get the pearls and am delighted with the fast delivery and the lovely earrings.  It was a pleasure to do business with you.  Thank you so much for all your interest and thanks of course for the earrings.  

Take care,

April 18th, 2011

156. Kathleen

Hello Sonja,

Just had an email from my sister, she loves her pearl necklace.

Kind Regards

April 15th, 2011

157. Tony

Hi Sonja

Yes thankyou received the Pearls today and all is good and very happy thankyou...

cheers Tony
14th, April 2011

158. Mo

Dear Sonja,
Many thanks for your very prompt and efficient service. The pearls arrived today just as you promised and they are gorgeous. I cant wait to see my wife's face when i present them to her. I shall without hesitation recommend Pearl Hours to friends and family for a gift as special as this.
Once again many thanks.
United Kingdom
April 12, 2011

159. Asta

I have received my pearl necklace today. Thank you very much! Its really nice and what I have wanted for my wedding day.
Thank you for fast and free delivery. It was great having bussiness with you. I wish you all the best.

April 4th, 2011

160. Jon

Hi Sonja Just to let you know we received the (gold )necklace and it is beautiful, exactly what we wanted.

Thanks again

United Kingdom
April 2nd, 2011

161. Donna


I just got the earrings. They are absolutely stunning! They are perfect. You delivered more than you described.

And a bracelet? Is this a mistake? I'm truly impressed.

I was nervous mostly because I mentioned your website to a jeweller and of course he wanted me to be concerned. (he wanted my business) But your prompt replys did put my mind at ease.

I definitely now need a matching pendant! (i'd love a strand but that will have to wait.)

Again thank you for your patience and I will be back soon.

Mar 29th, 2011

162. Gail

Dear Sonja,

I am so sorry not to have e-mailed you before but my daughter in law has only just returned to England form her visit to the USA.

She was absolutely delighted with her earrings, they are very beautiful, and I hear the box in which  you sent them was stunning, thank you so much for all the effort you put in to make her birthday so special.

I will certainly buy from you again.

With kind regards,

United Kingdom
Mar 28th, 2011

163. Kay

Dear Sonja

Thank you so much im very impressed and pleased with the pearls and earrings they are absoultely beautiful i would like to send you a little present  in appreciation for everything you have done with the qualitly, workmanship and contacting me continuly with updates,weve had a few hiccups but worked out in the end,i will be contacting you again for more jewellery in the very near future.

Thank you again Regards

Mar 24th, 2011


164. Jonathan

Hi Sonja

Received the pearl - thank you. It is beautiful except for one blemish.

Feel disappointed because I was under the impression that it came with a chain - my fault as it clearly states there is no chain included. My wife's birthday is tomorrow - she won't be able to wear it!


165. Joyce

Dear Sonja,

I have just received my pearl necklace. It is so lovely, I am so happy with it. Thank you , and thank you for the very prompt service. Very nice to do business with you.

Best regards,

United Kingdom
March 7th, 2011

166. Peter

I am delighted to report that all has arrived and has been delivered today . Thankyou for your prompt and efficient service. My wife absolutely loves the necklace, ear-rings and bracelet. Thankyou,

Feb.22nd, 2011

167. Kay

Dear Sonja
Thank you so much for parcel Im very happy with earrings i have purchased they arrived friday and impressed with your updates 
I will be recommending your website and the quality workmenship..
Kind regards

Feb.20th, 2011

168. Gene

Yes I have received the ring. Thankyou

Feb.19th, 2011

169. Yanbo

The necklace is arrived this afternoon. I am so happy to see thses beautiful pearls. It looks like a star at night, very bright and brilliant. I also find another surprised gift in that box -- earring. Thank you so much. Good on you and Pearl Hours, happy in the Rabbit year.

Cheers Yanbo Australia Feb,17th 2011

170. Mireille

Bonjour Sonja,

I've just received this wonderful necklace I'm so glad to offer a so nice one to my daughter for her wedding and thank you too for the pretty earing I will bring its with me to Hawaii tomorrow.

I will talk about you «Pearlshours» and your very perfect service to all my friends. Have a great day

15th 2011

171. Rebecca

Dear Sonja

The pearls I ordered arrived today and they are beautiful. They are a gift for my Mum’s 60th birthday so thankyou for getting them shipped out so promptly. I’m sure she’s going to love them and i will have no hesitation in ordering from you again .

Thanks again


Feb.4th 2011

172. Dave

Hi Sonja

The pearl has arrived and we are absolutely delighted with it.  It has been a pleasure to deal with you.


United Kingdom

173. Evelyn

Good Afternoon Sonja

Many thanks for your e-mail.   Just to let you know I have now received the pearls safe and sound and am thrilled to bits with them, and what a lovely surprise to find a bracelet to match inside the lovely jewellery box which was a very kind gesture and look forward to wearing my pearls.

I would like to thank you once again for your excellent service and for keeping me well informed.   I must say at first I was wary of ordering on-line but you soon put my mind at rest.

All the best to you.

Kind regards.

United Kingdom
Jan 27th, 2011

174. Rosemary

Dear Sonja,

The perals arrived today and they are really beautiful. We will be presenting them at a ceremony next Wednesday in the city of Den Hague in Holland. We appreciate your time and effort regarding our purchase. In fact they are so lovely, that I might even purchase some for myself  (exactly the same but white pearls with white gold) in the future!

On behalf of myself and my colleagues, a very big thank you

Kind Regards

Jan 22nd, 2011

175. Kenny

Dear sonja
I have received the pearls today and they are gorgeous!
I'm glad that I chose to place the order through your website. The pearls are of much higher quality than at the local pearl specialist shop. And cheaper too!
Will definitely place more orders and recommend to friends
Thanks for your prompt email replies
Outstanding service!
Have a great day
Jan 17th, 2011

176. Judy

Judy is a kind grandmom who is finding a matching cream pearl necklace gift for her young grandaughter, who received a pair a akoya pearl stud from friends. See her words on

Dear Sonja,

I received the pearls yesterday.

I want to thank you very much for all your help, for the great service, and how quickly we received them

They are beautiful, and I think my Grandaughter will love them.

I would recommend you to anyone after the service I received

Thank you!!!

Kindest regards

Judy White
Jan 12th, 2011

177. Gabor

Dear Sonja!

Thank you the necklace arrived in time, it was a perfect gift. She absolutely loves it. Perfect present for a really good price.


United Kingdom
Jan 9th, 2011

178. Lynnette

Dear Sonja,
My parcel has arrived - the pearls are beautiful, and the bracelet a lovely surprise.
I'm impressed by the attention to detail in every aspect of your company, quality of the pearls and workmanship but especially the customer service which has been first class and friendly.
When I am looking for more pearls I shall definitely come back to you.
Thank you very much indeed,
PS Happy New Year of the Rabbit for February.
United Kingdom
Jan 5th, 2011

179. Gerald

We received the pearls on the 24th.

In fact, we had to go and pick them up from the DHL depot.

All is in order.

Thank you for your assistance.

Best Regards
Dec 24th, 2010

180. Diane

Hi Sonja Lu; yes i have received the pearls i ordered .they are of good quality . BUT they are not black ,they look gray to me .i ordered them for my daughter for xmas i just know she will say they are not Black enough. for me they would be great  !!!!. i love gray thank you so much. diane !!!!
O by the way Sonja lu; thank you for the fast shipping  merry xmas !!!! d.dobie
United States
Dec 22, 2010

181. Peter

thank you for your e-mail the item arrived without delay and is better than expected.
many thanks
United Kingdom
Dec 20th, 2010

182. Rowland

Many thanks, they arrived Friday. Very happy with them. 
Thanks again,



Dec 17th

183. Dave

Hi Sonja

The pearl has arrived and we are absolutely delighted with it.  It has been a pleasure to deal with you.



United Kingdom

Dec 17th, 2010

184. Simon

Hi Sonja,

I got them this morning. They look great. Thank you for your assistance. You've been a great help.
Kind regards
United Kingdom
Dec 15, 2010

185. Tony

Hi Sonja,

The Pearls arrived via UK Parcelforce today. I have looked at them and they are a very good match on the ear rings.

The bracelet was also a nice gesture. Thank you.

Many thanks for your prompt delivery, and I may be in touch again in the future.

Best regards


Dec,13, 2010

United Kingdom

186. Helena

Amazing Pearl Ring  

This ring is gorgeous and I've gotten a lot of compliments wearing it. Its very unique and eye catching! Thank you again for your help, Sonja

Aug 01 2010

187. Cassie

Nice Mixed Pearl Set

Great buy. I will be using these as bridesmaids gifts at my wedding. The necklace, bracelet and earrings looks great. These are small sized pearl, and fit for every occasions, every girl should have a set of pearls like this.

July 14, 2010
Texas, America

188. Margaret

What a great buy!  

Just purchased this necklace for myself over this past weekend as an early birthday gift to myself! what a great deal! The pearls look very nice, as is the craftmanship of the piece. I highly recommend this piece, it is simply timeless. i felt so good about the experience that i also purchased a ring to match the necklace. They came in a beatiful wooden box to store them in... i love it

July 08, 2010
United Kingdom

189. Robin

The pearls arrived this morning.  They are lovely - my wife will be very pleased. 
Thank you for your excellent customer service!

Best regards,

Purchased day: June 10, 2010

190. Julia

The pendant was absolutely beautiful. The item was exactly what I had hoped for from the pictures and description on the site, and and more importantly, a fantastic, quick, friendly service! Thank you, Shawn.



Purchase date: June 8

191. Nicolas

I am fine , thanks. My wife recived the ring on Mon . The ring is beautifull and she is very happy. Thanks for your nice gift which she apriciate as well.


Nicolas  Hongkong
Purchase day: June 1st, 2010

192. Grace

PearlHours really surpriesd me! The customer service is the best around. The shipping was fast, the product is beautiful, and the price cannot be beat. I will highly recommend your company to everyone I know. Please feel free to use me as a reference anytime.

Date: May 30, 2010

193. Anna

Hi, Sonja

Thank your for you professional suggestion on my pearls! They matched perfectly with my dress and everyone told me that i look so wonderful that night!

I will send you a picture . It has been a pleasure doing business with you . So easy , and very prompt!! I will certainly recommend you to my friends .

Thank you so much.

Warmest regard

194. Barry

I LOVE my ring! It is gorgeous! Exactly what I wanted! I love the design. I love the yellow gold setting with the white south sea and shining diamond. Words can't even describe! Thank you so much for being so supportive through this process; I'm sure you know it is a bit stressful ordering genuine rings online - site unseen. I'm very happy and will be recommending you to anyone that I hear of that's shopping for pearl jewelry.

Purchase date: May 29

195. Wendy

Dear Shawn

Thank you so much for all your help with my purchase of the Golden South Sea Pendants and ring. I really appreciate your thoughtfulness in getting my order together and working around my various requirements. I will be ordering again, but not for a while as I am on vacation from tomorrow for 5 weeks! I am coming nearer to your part of the world (I will be in Thailand) for a well earned beach holiday. I had planned originally to tour China but unfortunately I sprained my ankle on Sunday so am unable to walk long distances.

Purchase date: May 10

196. Melanie

I was worried about ordering my ring online, I was worried it wouldn't fit. However, I am really pleased with it, impressed by the value and quality of it and I would certainly use Pearlhours again.
I hope see you soon in the messenger and keep in touch.
May 10, 2010

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